#11 – On bubbles

Thoughts on simulated realities and levels thereof.

/ September 8, 2018

#10: A stone is not a banana

Subscribe: iTunes Google Play Stitcher RSS Over ten years ago, on the eve of a spiritual insight that’s informed my life since, I started a blog to record insights as they came to me. I haven’t touched it in about...

/ February 24, 2018

#9: Comedians as cultural shamans

A brief line of thinking about the role of comedians in society that's fresh in my mind after watching a couple Dave Chappele Netflix specials.

/ February 3, 2018

#8: Connoisseur of your dysfunction

Thoughts revolving around what I've heard to be a Ram Das statement that - paraphrasing here - authentic spirituality doesn't result in you conquering your dysfunction; it makes you a connoisseur of your dysfunction.

/ January 24, 2018

#7: An experiment in transparency

I somewhat selfishly start recording with no predefined topic in mind with the objective of getting closer to my goal of communicating via this podcast as transparently and naturally as possible.

/ January 3, 2018

#6: Movement as spiritual expression

A quick roadcast on using awareness-saturated movement as a spiritual practice capable of generating increased mindfulness proficiency.

/ December 27, 2017

#5: Be an ally to yourself

Ending the war against yourself by deprogramming the culturally conditioned belief that your base nature must be resisted.

/ November 27, 2017