Over ten years ago, on the eve of a spiritual insight that’s informed my life since, I started a blog to record insights as they came to me. I haven’t touched it in about 7 years, but I occasionlly go on there and read things, and am occasionally satisfied by what I read.

There’s a piece of text on that blog that shows on every page where I encapsulated a formulation of the original insight that spawned the whole project in the first place. It’s titled “Suffering & Liberation” and it reads thusly: “What comes from resisting our nature is the inescapable suffering that results when something that is what it is, resists what it is. What comes from ceasing to resist our nature is the absolute freedom that’s revealed when something that is what it is, knows and loves what it is.”

I still stand by that, and it still hits the spot as a core spiritual insight leading away from suffering and toward liberation. This episode is a rambling commentary on those two sentences.

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A human with interests in truthtelling, non-dogmatic spirituality, philosophy, culture, and things that are conducive to enabling one to die content.

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