Month: November 2017

#5: Be an ally to yourself

Ending the war against yourself by deprogramming the culturally conditioned belief that your base nature must be resisted.

/ November 27, 2017

#4: Detaching from thoughts

A short vipassana-ish meditation exercise to elicit an observational, non-manipulative stance toward thoughts.

/ November 21, 2017

#3: Death awareness as an enlivening practice

Using death awareness as a practice to keeping those things that actually matter in focus.

/ November 14, 2017

#2: Stopping the practice of non-enlightenment

Trying - and probably failing - to demystify enlightenment and frame it in terms of something that happens naturally when you stop doing the things that are separating you from realizing the simple truth of who you are.

/ November 4, 2017