Part of me wants to not release this recording, basically because upon listening to it I’m unsatisfied both with the vibe I get from myself and in some cases with the content of what I say. But – obviously – an overriding part of myself says “fuck it, you’re not perfect, this doesn’t have to be perfect, and if you let that line of thinking take over you won’t ever succeed in doing anything.” Plus, as I mention in the recording, I want this podcast to be unapologetically (even though what I’m saying here pretty much amounts to an apology) unscripted and unprofessional – i.e. as natural as possible. Also let’s be honest; probably nobody is going to be listening to this anyway, at least in its early stages.

So with that self-conscious preamble aside, here’s what I talk about in this episode:

Time Topic
4:02 Attuning oneself to love as the primary recipe for contentedness in life.
11:33 The attunedness (I know that’s not a word, but you get my point) to love as the factor that makes Jesus Jesus and Buddha Buddha, and whether average Jane and Joe can attune themselves to love to the extent that they become a Buddha-Jesus (i.e. attain enlightenment).
14:03 The gateless gate (there’s no actual obstacle keeping people from enlightenment aside from inertia).
15:22 Whether I claim to be enlightened (I don’t).

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A human with interests in truthtelling, non-dogmatic spirituality, philosophy, culture, and things that are conducive to enabling one to die content.

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