After going back and listening to this episode, my honest recommendation to you is to not listen to this. There may be a helpful thing or two in there, but if there is it’s scattered in between what to me at least is an unpalatable amount of useless flotsam and jetsam.

But on the flipside, I may be judging myself more harshly than a listener who isn’t burdened with the strange experience of listening to oneself talk to an invisible (and thus far nonexistent) audience about the things that matter most to – in this case – him. So, for anyone who might be interested in taking a listen, here are more or less the distinct topics I touch upon:

Time Topic
3:53 The insight, when paying close objective attention to mental activity, that thoughts happen on their own and aren’t a product of you.
5:44 Mis-identifying with thoughts as the source of selfhood is a practice of non-enlightenment that must be kept up continually in order to stave off the self-knowledge associated with enlightenment.
7:11 Practicing non-judgmental awareness as the primary way of facilitating the natural process of dis-identification with thought as the root of selfhood.
10:49 Enlightenment as arrived at not by engaging in a particular activity, but through the cessation of the activity of mis-identification with thought.

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