Coincidentally, on the same day I published this episode Sam Harris released one on his Waking Up podcast with Buddhist teacher Frank Ostaseski titled “The Lessons of Death” (for the record, mine beat his to the punch by about 4 hours). So if you want to listen to a thorough, illuminating, and articulate conversation on the merits of death awareness, head over to Sam’s podcast. And if you’re willing to sit through 16 minutes of what I’ve managed to muster on the topic, well, have at it partner.

To my credit, I hit more or less the same points Frank and Sam do in their conversation, but admittedly with much less skill and style. Frank Ostaseski – I’d never heard him speak before – has actual experience with death and dying, both personal and by way of a hospice he ran for many years. Listening to the episode, I found myself experiencing the very inspiring effect of contemplating death’s reality that brought me to record this episode in the first place.

Anywho, I’m not adding show notes this time since the topic is pretty consistent throughout the recording; essentially, “keep death in focus to live better.”

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