This time around I think I’ll just let the shownotes do the talking. The only thing I want to add that struck me after doing the recording is that having a corrosive relationship towards oneself leads to the tragic and inescapable consequence of creating mutually damaging relationships with others, including with those you love. So if self-compassion isn’t enough to motivate you to treat yourself better, maybe compassion towards others is.

Time Topic
2:00 Being one’s own worst enemy; having a malicious relationship towards yourself.
3:10 The destructive relationship towards oneself as unnatural and originating from culture (plus a cameo by my dog).
8:35 The vicious cycle of suffering that occurs once you’ve internalized the cultural message that you should mistrust and resist your base nature.
10:46 The bad news: Being your own worst enemy leaves little room for escape.
11:18 The good news: Being your own worst enemy means you hold the key to ending the war against yourself.
11:22 One out of two experiences from my past that helped me see how I was crippling my own happiness and glimpse the possibility of a benign self-relationship.
18:06 The second experience that drove home the point above in a more fundamental manner.
20:32 The possibility of shedding the conditioning that leads us into conflict with our basic nature, and the restful relationship with life that ensues.
Photo:  Gerome Viavant

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