I‘m semi-plagiarizing a Ram Das quote for the title of this podcast that I heard second-hand in Sam Harris’ Waking Up podcast (episode 111) that goes something like – and I’m paraphrasing here since I couldn’t find the exact quote online – “meditation [or a legit spiritual practice] doesn’t teach you to conquer your dysfunction; it transforms you into a connoisseur of your dysfunction.” That’s sort of the central premise that most of this episode orbits around.

I added about a four-minute clip of audio that I recorded with my three-year-old son to the beginning, partly just because I want to include him in this project and partly because it’s pertinent to the topic I discuss at the beginning of my monologue. There’s no intentional message (that I’m aware of) for that part of the recording, so if you want to skip to the meat of the podcast then jump right in at about minute 4:17.

Time Topic
0:01 A cameo by my son, Austin. I wish my voice had half the ring of purity and authenticity that his does.
4:17 This is where I actually start talking.
Photo: Alex Jones

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